Premium Iodine

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Premium Iodine Liquid is a Lugol's solution of iodine and iodide with humic and fulvic acid added to help improve the absorption of iodine and iodide.

Tissues in the body use one form - iodine or iodide - preferentially over the other. Our Premium Iodien (Lugol's solution) has both forms. 

One dropper pull (filling the pipette about halfway) is about 12.5 mg iodine/iodide per serving. The liquid should be added to pure water to take. Then, it should be followed by a four to six-ounce glass of pure water.

9.Liquid is often preferred for those starting an Iodine product because it can be started slowly. It is also preferred for those who do not need the 12.5 mg/day contained in each capsule. 10 drops is approximately equal to 6.25 mg Iodine/Iodide. A 60-day supply at one dropper pull (1 ml) per day.